Pigment Base Replacement Inks for EPSON® Printers

Pigment inks are composed of a fine powder pigment, suspended in liquid. While they were not a favorite type of ink in the past, because they lacked the longevity and color diversity that many printers need, today’s pigment ink provides much deeper, richer color and last much longer. They are an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications, ranging from banners to billboards, and beyond. For those looking for EPSON pigment inks replacement cartridges, you have come to the right place! STS Inks has a wide variety of durable, functional replacement cartridges that are ideal for a range of printing tasks.

Pigment ink is an affordable solution for those that need to print items that will withstand the sun, rain, and wind of being outdoors, without fading or cracking. This type of ink is the most fade resistant of almost all types of inks, which means that items printed with this ink will often look as beautiful on the day they are printed as they do even ten years later. While this type of ink may initially be more expensive, the resulting prints are more cost-effective because they last longer than items printed with other types of ink.

Here at STS Inks, we have a wide variety of pigment ink, compatible with a wide variety of different devices. For all of your replacement cartridge needs, we have a solution. Affordable replacement cartridges are no longer hard to find! Buy yours today!

Available ink colors:  (Hover for image preview)

For custom PMS/Pantone colors contact us

Available in the following packages:

Cartridge Type

  • Bulk
  • Cartridge

Cartridge Capacity

  • 80 mL
  • 200 mL
  • 220 mL
  • 300 mL
  • 350 mL
  • 500 mL
  • 700 mL
  • 1000 mL

Works with the following printers:

  • Stylus Pro 3800
  • Stylus Pro 3800 Graphics Arts Edition
  • Stylus Pro 3800 Portrait Edition
  • Stylus Pro 3800 Professional Edition
  • Stylus Pro 3880
  • Stylus Pro 3880 Designer Edition
  • Stylus Pro 3880 Signature Worthy
  • Stylus Pro 10000 Pigment
  • Stylus Pro 10600 Pigment
  • Stylus Pro 10600 Ultra Chrome
  • Stylus Pro 11880
  • Stylus Pro 4000
  • Stylus Pro 4000 Professional Edition
  • Stylus Pro 4800
  • Stylus Pro 4800 Portrait Edition
  • Stylus Pro 4880
  • Stylus Pro 4880 Color Burst Edition
  • Stylus Pro 4880 Portrait Edition
  • Stylus Pro 4900
  • Stylus Pro 4900 Designer Edition
  • Stylus Pro 7600 Pigment
  • Stylus Pro 7700
  • Stylus Pro 7800
  • Stylus Pro 7800 Professional Edition
  • Stylus Pro 7880
  • Stylus Pro 7890
  • Stylus Pro 7890 Designer Edition
  • Stylus Pro 7900
  • Stylus Pro 7900 CTP
  • Stylus Pro 7900 Proofing Edition
  • Stylus Pro 9600 Pigment
  • Stylus Pro 9700
  • Stylus Pro 9800
  • Stylus Pro 9800 Professional Edition
  • Stylus Pro 9880
  • Stylus Pro 9880 Color Burst Edition
  • Stylus Pro 9890
  • Stylus Pro 9890 Designer Edition
  • Stylus Pro 9900
  • Stylus Pro 9900 Proofing Edition
  • Stylus Pro WT7900
  • Stylus Pro WT7900 Designer Edition
  • SureColor P800SE
  • SureColor P800SP
  • SureColor T3000
  • SureColor T3200
  • SureColor T3270
  • SureColor T5000
  • SureColor T5200
  • SureColor T5270
  • SureColor T7000
  • SureColor T7200
  • SureColor T7270
  • SureLab SL-D700

STS Inks are formulated to be compatible with the following OEM Inks – MSDS/TDS PDF’s on product page.
 ( PDF’s opens in a new window. Copy and print are restricted. Contact us for unrestricted access.)