Edible Replacement Inks for Canon® Printers

Tast-Ink, a groundbreaking edible ink available in the full range of CMYK LC LM orange green Violet colors and compatible with all print head. Tast-Ink also features the first edible pigment inks with a black color, that are based on bamboo.
The advantage of edible inks versus traditional dyes is that inks are resistant to moisture, which is what often causes dyes to bleed or fade and compromises
Tast-Ink is currently in use for printing on food items, and edible inks for cakes and candies are in especially high demand. Edible inks, which are tasteless, are
also used for printing information directly on pills, including medication names, manufacturers and expiration dates.
What makes an ink product Kosher is its glycerin and coloring ingredients. The glycerin used in Tast-Ink is made from vegetable products that have never come in contact with such non-Kosher products as pork or shellfish. Among several other differences between the Kosher and non-Kosher glycerin used in edible inks, is that to be certified Kosher, STS Inks cannot take advantage of the lower freight costs of having glycerin delivered in trailer tankers and then pumped into re-usable totes that may have both contained non-Kosher products. The Kosher glycerin used by STS Inks, must be specially packaged and delivered directly in brand new totes.
STS Edible Inks do not contain any of the major allergens that identified by FDA.
The following ingredients are NOT used in this manufacturing facility and will NOT come into contact with the products being produced.

Available ink colors:  (Hover for image preview)

For custom PMS/Pantone colors contact us

Available in the following packages:

  • 12.5 mL Cartridges
  • 19 mL Cartridges

Works with the following printers:

  • PIXMA iP3600
  • PIXMA iP4600
  • PIXMA iP4700
  • PIXMA iP4820
  • PIXMA iP4920
  • PIXMA iP7220
  • PIXMA iP8720
  • PIXMA iX6520
  • PIXMA iX6820
  • PIXMA MG2420
  • PIXMA MG5120
  • PIXMA MG5220
  • PIXMA MG5320
  • PIXMA MG5420
  • PIXMA MG5422
  • PIXMA MG5520
  • PIXMA MG5522
  • PIXMA MG5620
  • PIXMA MG6120
  • PIXMA MG6220
  • PIXMA MG6320
  • PIXMA MG6420
  • PIXMA MG6620
  • PIXMA MG7120
  • PIXMA MG7520
  • PIXMA MG8120
  • PIXMA MG8120B
  • PIXMA MG8220
  • PIXMA MP560
  • PIXMA MP620
  • PIXMA MP620B
  • PIXMA MP640
  • PIXMA MP640R
  • PIXMA MP980
  • PIXMA MP990
  • PIXMA MX712
  • PIXMA MX722
  • PIXMA MX860
  • PIXMA MX870
  • PIXMA MX882
  • PIXMA MX892
  • PIXMA MX922

STS Inks are formulated to be compatible with the following OEM Inks – MSDS/TDS PDF’s on product page.
 ( PDF’s opens in a new window. Copy and print are restricted. Contact us for unrestricted access.)