Dye Sublimation Replacement Inks for Roland® Printers

STS Aqueous Dye Sublimation inks feature high color saturation and low vapor emission. This wide gamut ink produces brilliant colors, the stable Nano-particle dispersion and low salt content reduces sedimentation preventing nozzle clogging, extending printhead life and achieving excellent print results that are durable and lightfast.

  • • High Density Black.
  • • Wide Gamut for brilliant dense colors.
  • • G7 Certified.
  • • Color Matched Inksets available.
  • • Excellent UV resistance.
  • • Fast drying on high release papers.
  • • Does no clog Printhead Nozzles.
  • • Compatible with all available EPSON®, Ricoh®, Fuji® Dynamic, Panasonic® and Kyocera® Printheads.
  • • Inks are available in bottler, bags and cartridges.
  • • No VOC’s. Does not contain any hazardous components.
  • • Inks are available in 19 colors, C, M, Y, K, Cool Black, Warm Black, Extra Black, Warm Magenta, LC, LM, LK, LLK, Orange, Green, Fluorescent Colors: Yellow, Violet, Pink, Blue and Red.
  • • We custom manufacture any Spot Color.
  • • All Inks are filtered and degassed for exceptional stability.


STS Dye Sublimation Inks are dispersed dyes within a proprietary liquid carrier that are printed onto paper. The sublimating dyes are transferred from the paper to a polyester fabric or coated substrate to produce a vibrant image. STS has the right ink set to match your printer manufacturer’s specications which will maximize run-ability.