Dye Replacement Inks for Canon® Printers

Dye inks are one of the most common type of ink used for ink jet printers. Made by dissolving the colorant in a liquid, these inks have long been used because of their color richness and clarity, and because they are inexpensive to produce, and therefore inexpensive to purchase. Dye inks for Epson printers are extremely popular, pairing great print quality, with intense, durable colors. These inks have always provided the widest variety of colors, especially when other types of inks could only provide a few different colors.

While not as water-resistant or weather-resistant as other inks on the market, dye inks for Epson, HP, Fuji, and other brands of printers are popular because of their color vibrancy. For the highest-quality and clearest prints, these inks are still the inks of choice. Best for indoor use or for short-term outdoor use, the sheer flexibility of dye ink makes it an excellent choice for many different applications. Recent improvements in dye ink formulation has made them more resistant to color fade and weathering.

While these inks are ideal for a wide variety of application, they are often used for screen and clothing printing, because they adhere well to fabrics. Photo printing of any kind, whether for banners, billboards, displays, etc., has always made use of dye ink, because of the depth and vibrancy of color that it can provide to these materials.

STS Inks has a great variety of dye ink choices, for many different printer brands, making it easy to find a replacement cartridge that meets your needs. Buy yours today

Available ink colors:  (Hover for image preview)

For custom PMS/Pantone colors contact us

Available in the following packages:

Packaging Type

  • Cartridge


  • 130 mL
  • 300 mL
  • 330 mL
  • 700 mL

Works with the following printers:

Printer Model Canon Image PROGRAF IPF5xx Series

  • Image PROGRAF iPF500
  • Image PROGRAF iPF510

Printer Model Canon Image PROGRAF IPF6xx Series

  • Image PROGRAF iPF600
  • Image PROGRAF iPF605
  • Image PROGRAF iPF610
  • Image PROGRAF iPF650
  • Image PROGRAF iPF655
  • Image PROGRAF iPF670
  • Image PROGRAF iPF680
  • Image PROGRAF iPF685


Printer Model Canon Image PROGRAF IPF7xx Series

  • Image PROGRAF iPF700
  • Image PROGRAF iPF710
  • Image PROGRAF iPF710 MFP
  • Image PROGRAF iPF720
  • Image PROGRAF iPF750
  • Image PROGRAF iPF750 MFP
  • Image PROGRAF iPF755
  • Image PROGRAF iPF755 MFP
  • Image PROGRAF iPF760
  • Image PROGRAF iPF760 MFP
  • Image PROGRAF iPF765
  • Image PROGRAF iPF765 MFP
  • Image PROGRAF iPF770
  • Image PROGRAF iPF770 MFP
  • Image PROGRAF iPF780
  • Image PROGRAF iPF785
Printer Model Canon Image PROGRAF IPF8xx Series

  • Image PROGRAF iPF810
  • Image PROGRAF iPF810 Pro
  • Image PROGRAF iPF815
  • Image PROGRAF iPF815 MFP
  • Image PROGRAF iPF820
  • Image PROGRAF iPF820 Pro
  • Image PROGRAF iPF825
  • Image PROGRAF iPF825 MFP

Printer Model Canon Image PROGRAF IPF W Series

  • Image PROGRAF W7200
  • Image PROGRAF W8200
  • Image PROGRAF W8400D

STS Inks are formulated to be compatible with the following OEM Inks – MSDS/TDS PDF’s on product page.
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