STS Inks® for EPSON® printers are specially developed for colorful, photorealistic images that dry fast and offers wide color gamut.
• Compatible Inks for Ultra-chrome™,K2™, K3™, Vivid K3™, HDR™, XD™, GSX™.
• Shelf Life: 24 months from date of production.
• Non-VOC, less impact on environment and worker’s health.
• Outstanding gray balance.
• Fast Drying.
• High optical density.
• Outstanding print durability.
• Clean intense glossy colors.
• Excellent adhesion and compatibility with a wide variety of materials.
• OEM Quality & Performance
• Mix & Match: Specifically manufactured to match the properties of EPSON® Inks.
• Plug & Print.
• Flushing Not Required: There’s no need to flush the ink lines. It’s easy to make a change!
• Identical Color Profile to OEM: There’s no need to spend time creating new profiles.
• Archival quality pigment ink.
• Wide color gamut & intense colors.
• Packaging: 1 Liter Bottles, 19 Liter Jugs, 190 Kg Drums, Bags and Chip.
• Available Colors: Photo Black, Vivid Magenta, Magenta, Cyan, Yellow, Light Cyan, Vivid Light Magenta, Light Magenta, Orange, Green, Light Black, Light Light Black, Matte Black, Red, Violet, Blue, White, Florescent Yellow, Florescent Magenta, Florescent Cyan, invisible R,G,B.

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