Finding high quality Low Solvent ink is no longer difficult! When you buy your replacement HP and Seiko low-solvent inks from us, you get a durable ink that is just as safe to use as water-based inks. In the past, you used to have to decide between inks that would endure the test of time and inks that would be safe to use. Today, you no longer have to make that decision. We have a wide variety of people-friendly inks that are less toxic and less dangerous than the solvent inks you used to be able to find.

One of the benefits of choosing solvent ink is that these types of ink are very durable. The chemicals used to produce these inks can actually imprint the color into the material being printed on, creating a print that is very long lasting, even when used outside. Some inks would even burn plastic, making them ideal for outdoor banners and other applications that require a very durable print job. These solvent inks were, however, very dangerous to work with.

The Low Solvent variety provides a much better solution for those that want a long-lasting printing solution, but do not want to handle dangerous inks. If you are looking for a Low Solvent replacement cartridge for your printer, look no further! We have a staggering variety of colors, at affordable prices. No matter what you use your Low Solvent inks for, you are sure to get the best results with ink from STS Inks.

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