Prismat-Ink prints on glass, stainless steel, wood, acrylic and other non- absorbent surfaces. Developed as a solvent that does not run through hard substrates, Prismat-Ink contains a special resin that makes it longer lasting, guaranteed up to ten years.

• Solvent Nano size pigment-based inks for digital printers delivers sharp, high opacity images with no set-up time.

• Long-term light-fast and water-fast, provides outdoor durability without lamination or varnish, resistant to effects of UV degradation and color fading.

• Excellent adhesion and compatibility with a wide range of substrates.

• Automatic maintenance and unattended printing; no daily, manual print head maintenance.

• Available colors: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, White.

• Formulated to work with all available print heads: EPSON®, Ricoh®, Fuji Dynamic®, Konica Minolta® and Kyocera®.

• Printing Environment: 59°-85°F (15°-30°C) Humidity: 20% to 60%

• Storage Temperature: 5°-35°C (41°-95°F) Humidity: 5% to 70%

• Curing Temperature: 25°-300°C (41°-95°F)

• Shelf Life: 24 months from date of production.

• Packaging: 1 Liter Bottles • 19 Liter Jugs • 190 Kg Drums • Bags with Chip.

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