Aqueous inks are some of the safest, most effective inks on the market. They are ideal for both large-format printing and for use in offices, homes, and schools. While they are not the highest-quality inks on the market, this variety of ink can provide a great depth of color for everyday applications. The formulation of this type of ink makes it best for printing on porous materials like cardboard and paper. In order to create a durable finish, these inks need to be able to absorb into the substrate. While plastic and other materials can be coated to be effectively printed with eco-friendly, safer aqueous ink, the emulsion is ideal for porous substrates.

Aqueous ink is also ideal for indoor application for both homes and businesses. These prints retain their color and finish best when they are not exposed to excessive UV rays or to water. They are also safer to use because they do not contain any of the solvents that are used in other types of ink, that literally burn what is being printed on to the material. Because they are less dangerous to use, this is often the ink chosen for use by smaller businesses and by individuals. These inks are perfect for indoor applications of all kinds, especially those used by retailers or restaurants, who want to avoid the outgassing or dangerous chemicals used in other types of ink.

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